A scene with Frans Cronje.
One of three proudly South African films, The Roar
, opened in cinemas nationwide on Friday. 

The film is from the creators of the biopic Hansie that was based on the life and times of the former Proteas captain in the 1990s, Hansie Cronjé.

The Roar is described as a motivational film that deals with the themes of identity, belonging and purpose.

It follows the life of Louise du Preez, a farm-girl dreaming about becoming an internationally renowned singer and dancer.

Firmly believing that if you dream it you really can do it, her life and dreams are shattered when the expectations of her fiancé, André, and her stubborn dad, Ranger, turn out to be solid obstacles.

The film features shots of scenes set in South Africa and New York.

The Roar has a healthy dose of adventure drama, love, tension, tears and action, and will force viewers to answer the question: Who am I and where do I belong?

The film is from the producer of Faith Like Potatoes, Hansie, Baroudeur and Born to Win, and distributed by Faith Film Hub Africa. The main cast is Almarie du Preez, Frans Cronjé, Heinz Winckler, Torry Martin, Shuallanda Lacombe, Greg Kriek and Eugene Khumbanyiwa.

Speaking about experiences on set, Winckler, who plays André, recalled: “During our first day of shooting, co-actor Torry Martin was overwhelmed by nature’s beauty.

“He and I had to do a scene where we ran a small stretch through the grass.

“He tripped and fell, the next moment he was flat on the grass, his legs flying upwards. We all burst out laughing.”