Conrad Koch and his two puppets that appear in his latest offering, Puppet Guy. Photo: Sarah Isaacs

Conrad Koch is looking to change the face of local comedy through a show that gets the laughs, in different puppets.

Aptly named Puppet Guy, Koch introduces two more puppets to the stage outside of the loved Chester Missing.  The two others an ostrich and a mosquito have their very own personalities that audiences can enjoy.

The show is about 1 hour 10 minutes, my favourite part of it being where Koch makes use of technology to showcase just how ventriloquism works.  This part of requires an audience participant, which makes it all the more fun!

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While the show was overall good, it's seeing the Chester set that both the audience and Koch seemed comfortable with. As with anything new, it'll take a bit more time for audiences to warm up to the other puppets.

All in all, Puppet Guy is a great show for a night out with friends who enjoy stand up comedy with a difference.

#PuppetGuy: Chester is no longer the coolest puppet on the block.

When asked why people should see Puppet Guy, Koch said: “Because this is a hilarious groundbreaking show for everyone. Just about the most fun you can have in one hour, 10 minutes.”

Puppet Guy is now on at the Pieter Toerien Studio Theatre at Montecasino until May 27. Tickets range from R130.