Scarlett Johansson at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Picture: Reuters
Scarlett Johansson at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Picture: Reuters

Scarlett Johansson praises diverse MCU

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Apr 25, 2019

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Scarlett Johansson has praised the "diverse" Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the way it has evolved over the years.

The 'Avengers: Endgame' actress - who portrays Natalia Romanova aka Black Widow - is proud of the way the franchise has evolved over the years and thinks the world created across all the movies has been "really impactful".

She said: "I look around today at the universe and how diverse it is and the fact that the audience and the fans drove the studios in general, not just Marvel, to represent what was going on in the zeitgeist. 

"And that they wanted to look up on the screen and see stories and fully developed characters that represented how they felt and what they wanted to aspire to. It's really impactful."

And Scarlett thinks her own character has been on a "transformative" journey since her first appearance in 2010's 'Iron Man 2'.

She told USA Today newspaper: "It's been a very transformative decade. When my character started in 'Iron Man 2,' she was like a souped-up secretary with a skill set on the side."

The 34-year-old star's five-year-old daughter Rose - who she has with ex-husband Romain Dauriac - is a big fan of Disney princesses and while Scarlett loves the modern "empowered" fairytales, she admitted she is also "battling" against some of the more classic stories because of the male/female "dynamic" depicted within the films.

She said: "My daughter loves fairytale things. 

"She loves girl things, princess stuff. And I love it, too! I love all the Disney princesses from back in the day. Now they're much more empowered than some of the older, classic ones. But you're sort of battling that a little bit, and you start to see how the dynamic of those classic fairy-tale stories affect the way that your children think about the male/female roles in society. It's very black and white."

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