Suki Waterhouse in "Assassination Nation". Picture: YouTube/Screengrab

Suki Waterhouse portrays Sarah in the forthcoming black comedy thriller 'Assassination Nation' and she has admitted her lack of firearms training ahead of filming meant that she "hurt someone" when her bullet ricocheted. 

Speaking at the movie's premiere in New York, according to the New York Post newspaper, she said: "I hurt somebody. The bullet ricocheted. They hadn't seen that in 20 years. The bullet came back at the guy and hurt him. We didn't get extensive [firearms] training. I'm not gonna lie, it was maybe an hour."

The brunette beauty refused to divulge who was on the receiving end of her dodgy bullet but the film also stars the likes of Odessa Young and Bill Skarsgård.

However, it wasn't just their dangerous aim that attracted attention as Hari Nef - who plays Bex - revealed they were banned from two bars in New Orleans during filming because of how rowdy they were in the evenings after shooting. 

The 25-year-old actress joked: "We were staying in a residence with a courtyard. It was like Gen Z 'Melrose Place.

"We got banned from two New Orleans bars. It's really hard to do that."

Meanwhile, with her busy modelling career and the amount of movie roles she's bagging at the moment, Suki - who previously romanced Bradley Cooper - is finding it hard to date because she's never in the same country for long enough.

Her globe-trotting career meant that her brief relationship with Robert Pattinson over the summer came to an abrupt end after just a month of dating. 

However, there are no hard feelings between the pair as they both made it clear that they were just having "fun" and neither were looking for anything serious.

A source said at the time: "Rob is having fun right now and has definitely moved on from his relationship with FKA Twigs. He likes to have fun when he has breaks in between filming and him and Suki have a great time together. He isn't looking for anything serious right now. but they are definitely into each other."