Tom Hardy. Picture: Bang Showbiz

'Venom' star Tom Hardy has revealed how he was able to recreate the title villain's voice and still perform as Eddie Brock.

The 40-year-old actor has stepped into the famous black suit to portray the titular symbiote in the upcoming Sony movie 'Venom', and he has opened up about the challenges of playing both Eddie Brock and the alien taking over his body and mind.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "I'd have to lay down the vocal track for Venom in the morning, and then play Eddie opposite Venom in my earpiece.

"And whoever was working the scene with me had to hear Venom at the same time, but then ignore that they heard Venom!

"Whenever I gave my cue line as Eddie Brock ... Patrick would be under the stage cueing Venom accurately, so I could cut across him and talk and argue with myself. It was a bit techie, but it was fun."

Meanwhile, Hardy has recently admitted he would love to see Spider-Man in the Venom universe, despite the web-slinger currently being played by Tom Holland in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

When asked if he would take on the superhero, he remained tight-lipped but said: "What? Toe-to-toe with Tom Holland? I'll have a go, yeah."

Hardy is thrilled to be filling the shoes of the anti-hero, and says one of the main reasons he took on the role was because his 10-year-old son Louis - whom he was with Rachael Speed - is a huge fan of the character.

He said: "Venom is, by far - for me, I don't want to upset anyone - I think he's the coolest Marvel superhero there is. Then also, there's my son. He's a massive Venom fan. He was a strong influence on why I needed to play Venom, specifically. I wanted to do something that my son could watch."

The movie's director Ruben Fleischer is also keen to see Spider-Man face off against Venom in a later movie, but confirmed there were "no heroes" in the upcoming first instalment, which hits cinemas this year.