Jason Mamoa. Picture: Warner Bros

Toby Emmerich, who is the chairman of Warner Bros, has admitted that the studio's DC movies need to get better.

The studio boss has conceded that in the age of social media and aggregator websites, there is nowhere to hide for superhero films.


He shared: "I think the good movies work better.

"Somebody once said the best business strategy in motion pictures in quality. And I think in a world of Rotten Tomatoes and social media, what's been proven the better the movie - particularly in the superhero genre - the better it performs. You can't hide the bacon anymore."

DC enjoyed tremendous success with the Patty Jenkins-directed 'Wonder Woman' - which stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine - last year.

And Emmerich admitted that some films are "in sync with the zeitgeist", and the "culture of the moment".

Speaking to EW, he shared: "When you're talking about art, I do believe that it's tough to judge art at the moment when its presented to the world. I guess when I say 'quality', I don't want to judge anybody's movies completely at the moment of release. 

"But I would say there are movies that are right for their time, that an audience is ready for, that's in sync with the zeitgeist, and I think you need a movie whose quality is recognised at the moment of release so it's in touch with the culture of the moment."