This image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Chris Pine, left, and Gal Gadot in a scene from, "Wonder Woman." Despite enthusiastic discourse around diversity in film, a report from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative says when it comes to the numbers, little has changed. In a survey of the top 100 films of 2017, 33 featured women in a lead or co-lead. And 31.8 percent of the speaking characters were female, a number that has stayed static for a decade. (Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP)

Gal Gadot has confirmed that 'Wonder Woman 1984' has been delayed until 2020.

The much-anticipated new movie - which will see Gal Gadot reprise the role of Wonder Woman - was originally slated for release in November 2019, but it's now been moved until June 5, 2020.

Gal, 33, announced the news on her Twitter page, writing: "Super excited to announce that, thanks to the changing landscape, we are able to put Wonder Woman back to its rightful home. June 5, 2020. Be there or be square!!! (sic)"

The actress will appear in the upcoming movie alongside Chris Pine - who is returning as Steve Trevor - and Kristen Wiig, who has been cast as Cheetah.

Gal previously admitted to feeling especially proud of Wonder Woman because the character challenges gender stereotypes.

The Hollywood star - who has daughters Alma, six, and 19-month-old Maya - shared: "She sees, she feels that she can do everything and she will go for it. She's a peace seeker; she wouldn't go and look to start a battle or a fight. 

"She would try to solve it in any other different way, but I think that's what's beautiful about Wonder Woman, is that she's, it's funny, because I just had the conversation with my daughter two nights ago. 

"I put her to bed and I was reading her a story and it was about princesses and Ariel the mermaid, whatever, and then she was talking about the prince, the guy, she called him the prince, and she said, 'Yeah, and the prince, they're usually very strong.'

"And I asked her, 'And what about the princesses?' 'They're weak.'

"'And how do you think they should be, Alma?' She said, 'They should be strong. They should be strong.'"

Gal is proud that Wonder Woman manages to challenge these ideas.

The actress explained: "She believes she can do everything, and that's a true woman for me."