Ms Cosmo. Picture: Supplied

Ms Cosmo’s career is a constantly evolving journey. Now heralded as arguably hip-hop's foremost female DJ, she's made a point of not only fortifying her position, but also delving into a host of other roles.

Her latest transition has seen her move into music production. The first foray in this space came earlier in the year with the release of her debut single, Connect, featuring Nasty C, Rouge and Kwesta.

“That was really good from a traction perspective because people are now looking at me from a different light,” she said. “Initially I was just a hip-hop DJ, then I became a radio presenter and now I'm also getting into the music production space. So I'm just slowly but surely trying to grow the brand within the right direction.”

Now that she's finessed DJing, she found this the perfect time to release her own music. “Obviously being a music fan, which is why I became a DJ in the first place, it just became a natural thing to jump into. I had been dabbling in the production space a little bit as well. I knew the kind of sound I wanted to go for, but obviously Gemini (Major) helped me out with the composition of the song.”

Recently, Ms Cosmo shifted from drive-time radio to an early morning slot. “With drive, I have the morning to kind of do whatever I need to do and then finish it off with radio and then go home. Now it's the other way around. I have to kick it off with radio and do everything else I need to. But I guess it's cool because it also kind of opens up the day for me to get a little more done.”

Since starting her professional career working in a bank, Ms Cosmo has become accustomed to transition. “The transitions have all been like ‘Okay, what's next? How else can I grow?’ So for me everything’s always been a building block on the last one. That's how I'm running through this thing.”

Coming into the radio space also allowed her to display her knowledge of the hip-hop culture. And people started respecting her for that. Beyond music, Ms Cosmo’s brand is also attracting ambassadorships with major brands.

The latest of these is her role with Heineken, which came after they'd jumped on as a sponsor for her bi-annual event she does called Fun House. With that sponsorship, they realised she was a soccer fan and subsequently brought her on board as an ambassador for their Champion The Match initiative, which saw them host curated, lifestyle-focused viewings of this season's Champions League.

“I'm not like ‘die-hard, my life is only for soccer’, but I do appreciate the game and have a team that I support, Arsenal. When it comes to Europe I'm with Barcelona. It was about bringing in that lifestyle element to the game for both girls and boys.”

All of what she's involved in seems to pivot on genuine interaction and doing what she loves. And that alone is the single most impressive thing about Ms Cosmo’s constantly evolving career.