23102011 cheryl cole

Cheryl Cole downed a shot of tequila before a live performance on Saturday night (16.06.12).

The sexy singer was performing new song 'Call My Name' - as well as many of her other hits - at London's G-A-Y nightclub and to settle her nerves she had a quick shot of the string alcoholic drink, which she recently admitted she was a fan of.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Organisers thought it would be funny to see if Cheryl was actually a tequila fan. So they brought it out on stage and made her down it before she performed. Cheryl was up for it. She was swearing during another new track, 'Screw You', and after the gig she stayed in the club but switched from tequila to vodka and Red Bull. She had Sunday off work so didn't leave till 5am."

Cheryl - whose new song went straight to the top of the UK singles chart - recently admitted she likes to start her nights out with shots of alcohol as it gets her in the right mood immediately.

She said: "I like to go in with a bang. All that sipping business takes too long." - Bang Showbiz