Herbie Tsoaeli

African Time

We have two albums released by Sheer Sound for review today and five of each will be offered as prizes.

It was about time that Herbie Tsoaeli produced an album. This jazz stalwart has been around for what seems like forever. His expertise on the double bass has stood him in good stead for years and this CD, African Time, is a perfect example of the man’s simple and straight-ahead jazz capabilities.

Eleven of the 12 tracks are original Tsoaeli compositions and from the opening bars of the first track played by pianist Andile Yenana you know exactly where this musical journey is going – traditional Seffrican jazz.

Herbie has mixed the slow with the urgent to produce an easy-listening album for collectors of this genre; this CD will definitely find a home on their shelves.

Steve Tyrell

I’ll take Romance

If you like crooners and you like the Great American Songbook, then Steve Tyrell needs no introduction.

The man has a voice that sounds as if it was soaked in treacle, baked in tobacco juices and matured in a vat of old bourbon whiskey.

The man has suffered from life’s travails (his first wife Stephanie Tyrell died of colon cancer in 2003. Tyrell’s marriage to Houston interior designer, Karen Pulaski, took place on December 26, 2010. Karen Pulaski filed for divorce on October 11, 2011 and the divorce was finalised on December 12, 2011) and this has added to the emotional vocal power of his performances.

The 12 tracks include: The Way You Look Tonight; I’ll Take Romance; Taking A Chance On Love; All Of You, among others. This album will appeal to Tyrell fans, lovers and those mature listeners who hanker for a time long past when pleasures were simpler and we lived in a naive world. This is Tyrell’s ninth album since 1999 and boasts possibly the best sound quality yet.

Competition 1: What instrument does Herbie Tsoaeli play?

Competition 2: How many albums has Steve Tyrell recorded since 1999?

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