Under Kontrol

IN honour of Youth Month, the Rainbow Restaurant will open on Sunday with a quality show which will feature international and local beatboxers, rappers and DJs.

The performance will be presented by the Alliance Française of Durban and the French Institute in South Africa, with support from Concerts SA and Oude Meester VSOB Brandy.

French combo, Under Kontrol (pictured), are on the bill and comprise four beatboxers – MicFlow, Mr Lips, Tiko and Fayabraz.

In 2009 they were awarded the title of Beatbox Team World Champions, and since then have been involved in multiple collaborations with Soweto Kinch, Laurent Garnier and Bernard Purdie, to name a few.

There will also be local artists, including up-and-coming female rapper Clara T, rapper Manelis, beatboxers Dane Stops and Drum Kit, and DJ 2daXha In an interview with Tonight, director of the Alliance franchise, Sarah Doignon, shared her thoughts about the event.

“It features a brilliant young French band of beatbox, Under Kontrol.

“They are on tour for two months all over Africa, so we managed to get them for Durban while they are on the road. They will arrive on Sunday straight from the Bushfire Festival in Swaziland.

“We have offered to do a concert and do it in partnership with Rainbow Restaurant. And since they are coming on Sunday, it’s set to open Youth Month because of Youth Day on June 16.”

So how did this concept come about?

Doignon said she was informed by the French institute that Under Kontrol were touring Africa.

“We want to bring young talent here and beatbox is quite amazing. There are no instruments.

“There are four guys and four mics and they will do a one-hour show. They came to South Africa for Youth Day in 2010, but only in Joburg and Cape Town, so Durban will be their first visit.

“Also, it’s nice to bring this kind of music here because Durban has a young crowd who like this type of music.”

In terms of the local acts, Doignon said they were all talented, especially Drum Kit.

“We featured him in some of our functions. We were really impressed by what he can do in beatbox. Especially since his flavour of beat box is in Zulu, so he does this click in the Zulu language.

“That brings something quite unique. Also, we know that local artists are great inspiration for French artists, and the artists get to meet and see South African rappers and interact.”

Doignon said it was all about mutual exchanges.

“Audiences can definitely expect to be surprised, impressed and overwhelmed.

“It’s not only for youth culture or for young people. It’s for everyone, and it can be very close to traditional forms of music and songs. We want the audience to discover recent forms of music, art and expression.

“Also, it’s at the Rainbow restaurant, which always has a great youth and South African vibe.”

• Beatbox World Champions Under Kontrol at the Rainbow Restaurant in Pinetown on Sunday. Doors open at 1pm. R40. Call 031 702 9161