Brotherhood never looked this good. Six years later and The Black Ties are still going strong. Chad Saaiman, Lloyd Jansen and Keeno-Lee Hector are household names the Cape Town music scene loves and celebrates.

Despite each one having established solo careers with tracks that have topped the radio charts, the guys still find time to unite to make the crowds swoon. They will be winning over audiences again this week, starting from tonight, at the Baxter Theatre when they present their show, Soul Classics.

Joined by Sasha-Lee and Lucy Tops, the trio will pay tribute to some of the greats of the soul era.

“Soul music resonates with all of us naturally. It has a crossover feel. Who wouldn’t love Marvin Gaye, or say they hate Stevie Wonder?” says Saaiman.

“Soul takes you back to a time where loving was real, people meant what they said. It was real times, man, that kind of music has been lost.

“Today it’s all about the physical and money,” says Hector.

Three very different individuals in vocal tones, yet so alike in their charm and wit, their strong bond speaks of the many years they have spent together.

“We are three friends in music and three friends in friendship, if that makes sense,” quips Hector, to which much laughter erupts.

“We all met one New Year’s Eve and at the coming one we’ll have been together for seven years,” says Saaiman.

When they perform, it is their chemistry that is immediately evident.

“Women in offices like us quite a lot; a lady at a corporate gig offered to pay me lobola ,” jokes Jansen.

Having the opportunity to host their show at the Baxter Theatre is a defining moment and it is the venue where Jansen and Saaiman did their first show, Blame it on the Boogie, in 2002.

“It feels like we’re coming home. The Baxter was always an iconic place for me, walking into the venue as a kid, it was like I was meant to be here,” says Saaiman

“All I remember is seeing the play Hansel and Gretel and they were pushing the witch into the fire and I cried!” says Jansen.

Back to Soul Classics. The guys say it’s their first time doing choreo-graphed pieces: “We’re doing it with swass – you know, swag with class? Swass!” says Jansen.

• Vodacom Presents The Black Ties runs at The Baxter Theatre until Saturday. Tickets cost R100 at Computicket.