August Alsina


AS WITH most debut albums, two things can happen, either they make it really big or they flop. For August Alsina, the project worked very well and he is set to become one of the young singers to look out for in the years to come.

After releasing the hit I Love This Sh*t last year, it is clear a young star is among us. However, taking a risk that proved worthy, the crooner left the song off the standard edition of his debut album, Testimony.

It only features on the deluxe version in two interpretations, one with Trinidad Jame$ and the other with Trey Songz and Chris Brown.

Testimony is an almost soulful offering that shows off Alsina’s sensitivity and depth.

It also shies away from the usual cheesy R&B stuff but when you throw the likes of Rick Ross, Pusha T and Jeezy in the mix, some of the cheese surfaces.

For a debut album, Testimony is something to remember and it also gives the listener another option from the usual Brown and Songz offerings of this world. – Munya Vomo