Christina Aguilera



Stripping down and baring her emotions.

WITH more than a decade in the industry, Christina Aguilera has undergone a string of transformations. As an artist, transformation is her means of expressing the space she has been in, and still is.

With Lotus, her seventh album to date, Aguilera doesn’t shy away from her past gut-wrenching emotions of loss and disappointment – especially with the collapse of her five-year-old marriage and, let’s not forget the media persecution about her weight gain and being a diva on the show The Voice.

In a way, this album is her catharsis and the Lotus Intro sums up her rise best. And in Aguilera packaging all her emotions beautifully on this 17-track album, she also inspires and heals others dealing with heartbreak and pain.

Standout tracks for me include Army of Me, a song laden with renewed energy and a sense of purpose and inspiration. Ultimately, it is about her finding herself again and being even stronger and better.

The album features a mélange of tear-jerking tracks intermingled with sassy and pop/dance songs like Make the World Move (featuring Celo Green) and Your Body.

Blank Page is a song that mesmerisingly tugs at the heart, while with Circles, she just gives the finger.

Bottom line – Aguilera announces her rebirth with Lotus. That, for me, is worth celebrating with an album that is this magnificently enriching. – Debashine Thangevelo