WITH Nicki Minaj recently releasing her much-anticipated single Anaconda, things are getting exciting in the rap game since Iggy Azalea entered it.

Minaj has for years been the undisputed rap girl, almost the Eve of the 2010s, and she has been enjoying her spot as the queen. For a white girl who was born in Australia, Iggy Azalea is the last person whom we would elect as the new MC Lyte.

It’s almost as weird as saying the same about Nicole Kidman. Yet Azalea holds her own and the surprise element is what makes this album a must-have. Top musicians including TI (on Change Your Life), Rita Ora (on Black Widow) and Mavado (on Lady Patra) feature.

As a rapper, Iggy really has the skills, but to name the debut album “classic” is simply pushing it. She is simply doing the usual stuff that hip hop kids are doing today which is name-dropping, bragging about flashy lifestyles and being the best at what they do. You will enjoy it just as much as you would the odd CD from YMCMB. Look out for Fancy and Impossible Is Love. – Munya Vomo