Kid Ink

My Own Lane


No ordinary kid.

You know you have something going on if you have Chris Brown on speed dial. However, this is not to say Kid Ink cannot hold his own.

With his second album, Kid Ink reinstates his place in the cut-throat hip hop game. With the help of Brown, he puts out two hits– Show Me and Main Chick.

The album features some of hip hop’s finest including Tyga and Pusha T. Although they may have bigger profiles than he has, Kid Ink is not in the least bit intimidated.

For example, on Murda, while you wait for Pusha T to step up and spit his verses, you forget about his presence once you hear Kid Ink’s confident lines.

The same can be said for Bad Ass, for which he ropes in Meek Mill and Wale who have serious rapping powers between them. Again, you know who runs My Own Lane once Kid Ink steps in. You might not remember this album in a years’ time but for now it will be in your player for a while. – Munya Vomo