Pharrell Williams



Ageless hitmaker does it again.

Despite what you think you know, GIRL is only the second solo album from Pharrell Williams.

The last time he came out with an album by himself, it was in 2006 for the In My Mind project.

So how do we know Pharrell is a genius? It is through the hits he has made with his group N* E*R*D and all the other collaborations.

Just when you thought 2013 was his year with his collaborations on Daft Punk’s Get Lucky and Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, Pharrell claims 2014 with GIRL, an album that features the hit song Happy. Granted, the man’s falsetto is not the best – but that’s where sheer genius sets in.

His prowess is in the production of any given song.

He rides on catchy lyrics and easy to dance to beats. If you look at this formula then you will see why the first two singles are hits. The rest of the album follows suit.

Pharrell brings in the talents of real singers like Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys, yet holds his own. A bit of Daft Punk influence is brought in on Gust Of Wind, a cheesy track about a lovestruck fellow. After some listening, Happy is not the best thing off this album because Pharrell sways into another direction altogether. – Munya Vomo