Phillip Phillips


Marrying folk and pop.

THE WINNER of the 11th season of American Idol, Phillip Phillips, has released yet another CD.

Let’s get something out of the way, the Idols franchise for some reason doesn’t really put out as many great albums as we’d expect and perhaps this is because we get carried away with how well the singers do when singing other people’s songs during the competition.

It then becomes a huge ask when the same contestants have to brave the real world with their virgin material. Phillips is being judged under the same conditions and he fares pretty well.

For what we thought would be a folk singer, Phillips comes across as poppy. Trigger might be placed third on the tracklist, but it stands out quite well and reminds you of something The Parlotones would come up with.

Lead On is the kind of track that you want to play as you stand out of the sunroof of a car while it speeds off into the sunset. He is proclaiming his love for her and telling her to go wherever she needs to and that he will follow her thanks to his self-surrender to their love.

Thicket, Searchlight and Open Your Eyes are other good tracks to look out for on this up-tempo offering.

Overall, it is a memorable string and husky vocal combo which shows us Phillips’ skill since he was hands-on throughout the making of this project. – Munya Vomo