Rita Ora



We want Ora, not Rihanna.

With the release of her debut album and being signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, you’d think, or at least hope, for a winning pop album like one of stable-mate Rihanna’s.

Not that it entirely disappoints; what you can expect are similar sounds to that of the R-rated singer Rihanna. The 12-track album boasts a variety of electro beats tinged with pop. From the shouty opener Facemelt follows a somewhat monotonous attempt at being a hit album.

The big Roc Nation anthem Roc the Life is likable, but Love and War featuring J Cole is not much to get excited about. It is the track Radioactive, penned by the talented Sia, which screams “hit” with its infectious beats and punchy chorus, that’s a standout. The dance floor-ready DJ Fresh track Hot Right Now, has a cool drum ’n’ bass spin on it.

Been Lying is enjoyable but forgettable. The powerful ballad Hello, Hi, Goodbye, where Ora’s vocals come out strong, could have boasted something more unique. While RIP shares producers (Drake) and its dark-tinged beats with Rihanna, Ora lacks her edge to win over the already pop-saturated crowds. – Tina George