Trey Songz


Cupid pulls the trigger.

YOU HAVE obviously heard the saying about not being allowed to have your cake and eat it. Trey Songz questions that saying, stating the obvious that once you have cake in your possesion the next natural step would be to chow down on it.

But we know Mr Steal Your Girl is not talking about the confectioneries. He is talking about the girl he is about to devour, even though she belongs to another man.

Foreign follows next with sexually charged innuendo that will remind you of R.Kelly’s Black Panties. In this case he is in the company of a foreign girl and enjoys the fact that he doesn’t know what she is saying.

For some reason Songz had to do the same song with Justin Beiber, whom we all love to hate and, as it hurts to type this, the Baby singer holds his own.

Nicki Minaj steps in on Touching, Loving which has a catchy classic Trey Songz sound that samples Kells’s Used To Me Spending on what feels like watered down Chris Brown beats of Yeah Yeah Yeah. Nicki comes in with the usually feisty attitude, but she’s done before you even get into it.

Na-Na is the big track Songz is currently riding on and it appears to be one of the strongest joints on this album.

In a time when Brown is still “finding himself”, it is a great place for Songz to rule the R&B scene. – Munya Vomo