Wiz Khalifa


Only wish he’d come up with a better acronym.

For the uninitiated, Wiz Khalifa’s newest album is an acronym for Only Nigga In First Class.

It’s 2013 so one is inclined to believe there actually are people with more melanin than others in the best seats on an aeroplane and not just Wiz.

But the idea is that this rapper and cannabis connoisseur has broken barriers for others in the genre and the respect he commands is shown by flying first class. Yeah.

According to die-hard fans, the Black And Yellow hitmaker has always made better mixtapes than albums and ONIFC – which is his second major label album – further proves that.

It’s not horrible, but it sure feels like Wiz is experiencing the Benjamin Button effect – in reverse. On songs like Got Everything, No Limit and Time he sounds older than his years and not in a wise way; talking about having made it.

But the way he does it, you’d swear that’s a bad thing. He features his babymomma and former video girl, Amber Rose, on a corny lovey-dovey phone skit at the end of one of the best joints on the album, Rise Above, featuring Pharrell and Tuki Carter, where determination is king. – Helen Herimbi