This is apparently a world first.

Telkom is currently streaming a reality show called Do Band Up through their dedicated broadband portal which is akin to Big Brother. After a national search, 20 musicians were placed in a house in Pretoria for five weeks, living, eating and working together. This can be watched by the public via streaming video on

Each week a celebrity band will join them and advise them on the business and technicalities of music through workshops and hands-on demos.

Each week eight people are up for eviction and the public will vote which four will be evicted and which four will remain.

The final four musicians comprising your basic rock group - a bassist, guitarist, drummer and vocalist - will then be moved to a house where they will reside for a year. There, they will record a studio album, and tour locally and internationally.

They are already booked at most prominent festivals in South Africa. This entire process will be filmed and packaged for the portal. The show is already in week five and has enjoyed guests such as Taxi Violence and Sugardrive. Seether's Shaun Morgan will be doing the last week and the winners of the group will be announced this Friday.