TAKING the SA music industry by storm are the talented, sexy and vibrant young women of The Muses, who have just released their new album, Pop On Strings.

The electric string quartet comprises Olivia Kotze, Mia Snyman, Anna Peacock and Ruby Ngoasheng. From about the age of three, they have been playing musical instruments such as the violin and cello.

In an interview with Tonight, the all-girl group explained what their album represents to them.

“We’ve been used to orchestra so we wanted to do a different set and get more involved in the pop aspect. It’s a feel-good album, it’s instrumental and everyone can listen to it,” said Ruby.

“It’s accessible and ranges from pop, rock to dance. There’s a track for every age group, something for everyone,” interjected Anna.

The Muses are much more than artists: “We’re super close, we are family. We get to travel with each other and really bond. We even have four characters. Olivia is the motherly one, Ruby is the baby, of course, Anna is the sexy, feisty and fun one and Mia’s the conservative one,” they all laughed.

This was evident upon meeting the group and when watching them play. Performing at the launch of Vogue, The Muses were amazing and are geniuses with their violins. They have a vivid aura about themselves on stage and the best part is how passionate they are about what they do. They really have fun when playing live and captivate the audience from the moment their set starts.

The girls have excellent control of their violins and cellos and are truly phenomenal artists. Coupled with skill, beauty and charisma, The Muses said it may look easy, but they have had to work extremely hard to get to where they are today.

“We’re classically trained and people often underestimate us at first, but when they watch us, their perception is somewhat changed for the better. You have to have the technical aspect and we’ve all been practising since we were little. It took a lot of hard work and dedication and you need to put in the hours to reap the rewards,” explained Mia.

Giving some words of wisdom and encouragement to aspiring artists, Olivia said: “It’s a competitive world, especially in music, but you should follow your dreams, work hard and your dreams will be attainable.”

Ruby, Mia and Anna continued: “You need the technical back- ground so practise your scales, listen to your violin teacher and always be passionate.”

So what’s in store for their fans?

According to Olivia: “We’re looking at doing a music video and would like to tour this album nationwide. Also, our fans can follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We’d love to have feedback.”

Pop On Strings features well-known hits such as Use Somebody, Firework, Only Girl in the World and much more performed in classical style. The album is in all major music outlets.