Cape Town - 130208 - Leading electronic producer and DJ in the Cape Town underground music scene Haezer, at Mr Pickwicks in Long Street. REPORTER: THERESE OWEN. PICTURE: CANDICE CHAPLIN

Four X-Kids hit the townships and cause mayhem with their superpowers.

That’s what happens when über electro DJ, Haezer, and mad lyricist, Tumi, get together and make a song called Troublemaker.

The video was filmed and directed by Kyle Lewis and features children with evil eyes, and one with a teddy bear, cruising their ’hood while the neighbours commit various supernatural deeds.

Haezer is the golden boy in all that is electro music at the moment. This Cape Town producer and later DJ is working on his third EP and refuses to cut his beard until it is complete.

His first release was Who the F**k is Haezer? and his most recent is The Wrong Kid Died which features the hit, Troublemaker.

Haezer is happy with the video.

“I am very specific about my brand and would rather not do a video at all than do one just for the sake of it. But I was at a point where I was also ready for a video and Kyle phoned me and I loved the concept. I can’t act for sh*t so I am not in the video.

“The video is a direct translation of the song to film. The general idea behind the lyrics is being badass, but not by being violent, just being comfortable with who you are.”

His plans for this year include a tour of Australia in April followed by a European tour in May.

“I’m happy with my growth so far. I had a three-year plan and achieved it. My overall goal is to have a captured audience throughout the world as long as I can fill a nightclub.”

He is already on the road to international success and refuses to see this achievement as selling out.

“This is my career. I don’t want to be a struggling artist. Mainstream means being successful. If you are true to yourself and your sound and are still successful, then that is awesome. If I play H2O or Assembly, my music’s just as hard.

“In the beginning it was my performance and no one had stage- dived in electro before which brought a bit of rock ’n’ roll into it.

“When I wrote my first EP there was no premeditated idea of what music should sound like. Was it the Haezer they knew, or didn’t know?

“From an artistic side it is hard to be original and I am glad I have found my niche. At the same time technology has made artists lazy. We have the tools whereas someone like The Beatles didn’t. Its so much easier now.”

While Haezer prefers to let his creativity take him wherever it wants, he is firm when it comes to his ethics in music.

“I enjoy producing for other people, but if they don’t fit into my vision then they have to find someone else.”

His unshakeable beliefs follow through into the way people interpret and consume music nowadays.

“The world is just one big pavement of vomit these days when it comes to music. There is no more mystery around musicians which is the biggest breakdown. There are fans, the general audience and self- acclaimed trolls who are crossing the border between their opinion which they believe is more important than the band.”

This opinion, however, will not stop this young man from making the music he wants to make. And for now, the music he wants to make is the music many of us want to listen to.

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