ELECTROPOP: Vivacious artist and laptop vocalist EIKO (aka Joana Arderi) produces electropop with alternative hip hop to give a sound that is melancholy, but also engaging to an audience.

When Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five warned not to push because “I’m close to the edge”, they didn’t mean that they were standing next to a U2 guitarist. They didn’t have any idea that there would be a whole festival called The Edge of Wrong either, but art lovers are pleased that the festival exists. Having started in 2006, the Cape Town-based Edge of Wrong Festival takes place at different venues in and around the city from February 22 to March 2.

This year, you can expect to see South African acts as well as Norwegian artists bring their best to stages at The Intimate Theatre on the UCT Hiddingh Campus, iBuyambo in Langa and The Mahogany Room in Cape Town.

Organised by artist Morten Minothi Kristiansen and supported by the Norsk Kulturråd (Norwegian Arts Council), Norsk Jazzforum, Pro Helvetia and STIKK (Music Norway/Department of Foreign Affairs), the Edge Of Wrong promises to be a stretch of music, table tennis (yes, you read that right), harsh noise and burlesque dancing.

There will also be workshops for the public and talks by participating artists.

What’s really interesting is that this festival isn’t just limited to traditional methods of performance. A highlight will be a “laptop vocalist” from Switzerland who goes by the name EIKO (real name Joana Arderi). This vivacious artist produces electropop with alternative hip hop to give a sound that’s at once melancholy but also engaging to an audience.

You will also be able to see a collaboration between South Africa’s Mark Fransman (or Makeson Browne, as he is sometimes known) and Petter Vågan from Norway. The latter, a guitarist, will bring a new spin to Fransman’s already eclectic styles.

The Darkroom Collective, from Mzansi, will freestyle a live soundtrack to some videos that they will bring to the stage.

Look out for the Normal Noise workshop that features a performance by artists from the Dominican School For The Deaf as well as Brendon Bussy.

There will be a wide array of local and international acts to choose from, if you are looking to attend something that is both stimulating and refreshingly different. And while no one is going to push you, it might be worth your while to get close to this Edge.

• The Edge of Wrong Festival features at various venues from February 22 to March 2. Tickets are R70. Visit www.edgeofwrong.com