DJ Fresh

A colleague went on a special-offer cruise for a few days and came back livid. He did not get seasick, but was upset there wasn’t a vibrant entertainment plan on the ship.

Let’s face it, in signing up for a cruise you are signing away your other freedoms, so you have to live with whatever is on board.

This can be a good thing if you are on DJ Fresh and Euphonik’s annual cruise party.

With DStv and 5FM, the two music personalities are bringing back the most anticipated party off South African shores.

From Friday, the two DJs will be part of an entertainment line-up that will keep revellers happy from Durban to the Portuguese Island, off Mozambique, and back.

“The big difference this year is that we’ll be having a party on the Portuguese Islands,” said DJ Fresh. “We’ve never done this. But now we are setting up camp and throwing a party. The sound will be great, so will be the vibe, so we expect to have seriously good times.”

Although he has been arranging parties like this for six years, DJ Fresh says there are no words to explain the fun party-goers have.

“It’s nothing but three days of absolute fun on a ship. Apart from the party on land, we’ll have several pool parties on board, so serious party-lovers will get only three hours’ sleep a night.”

Euphonik said the endeavour reflected the growth in the business.

“The first Oh Ship was last year. Modelling our idea on the Holy Ship gigs in the US, Oh Ship was born. We’re doing it for the second time. We are expecting 2 000 people.”

Although the DJs will be working throughout, Euphonik said the event enabled him to get away from everyday life.

“We get to keep doing what we do, just from a distance, and that is really cool. For those who come with us, we have a big announcement on Sunday night.”

The party will be held in collaboration with DStv and entertainers have been added to the line-up including Black Coffee, KB, Poppy, Milkshake, Tats Nkonzo.

Said DJ Fresh: “Musicians, comedians and DJs will entertain guests.”

Although he would not reveal what would be on his playlist, the DJ said: “I have a lot of stuff that hasn’t been heard before, so it is a good time to try it out. I know people will want some of the classics, so I’ll put that in.

“There are so many of us playing it will be close to impossible to listen to one person at a time. I’d like to think of it as a mix of some of the best music minds… looking at giving fans a good time.”

You may wonder what you need to pack for such a trip, and DJ Fresh has suggestions.

“Pack a good attitude, liver tablets, an open ear and perhaps some condoms. It is going to be that kind of party and you have to be responsible.”

For those who can’t make it, don’t despair – DJ Fresh and Euphonik will be broadcasting live from the boat, so you will hear them during their shows.

Oh Ship leaves Durban on Friday and returns on Monday. Book at