Gayton McKenzie appointment | SA Music Industry Council welcomes enthusiastic new Arts and Culture Minister

Newly appointed Minister of Sports, Arts and culture, Gayton Mckenzie. Picture : Ayanda Ndamane / Independent Newspapers

Newly appointed Minister of Sports, Arts and culture, Gayton Mckenzie. Picture : Ayanda Ndamane / Independent Newspapers

Published Jul 2, 2024


The South African Music Industry Council (SAMIC) has welcomed the appointment of Patriotic Alliance leader, Gayton McKenzie as the new Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture.

Vusi Leew, the president of SAMIC, an umbrella body that represents the collective interests of performers, creatives, musicians, composers, publishers, collecting societies, and record company associations, said they were looking forward to collaborating closely with McKenzie to advance initiatives that celebrate and elevate the diverse cultural heritage.

“With Minister McKenzie’s proven track record of passionate advocacy and transformative initiatives we are confident that the arts in South Africa are poised for significant growth and revitalisation,’’ said Leew.

McKenzie’s vibrant energy and unwavering commitment to the arts have been evident throughout his career and his ability to inspire and mobilise communities around creative and cultural endeavours is unmatched, said the statement.

Leew said McKenzie’s leadership is expected to foster an environment where artists can thrive, innovate and contribute meaningfully to the cultural tapestry of the nation.

Moreover Leew, said SAMIC believes that minister McKenzie’s appointment is a pivotal moment for the arts and culture landscape.

In addition, Leew said they anticipate that his strategic vision and hands-on approach will address the long-standing issues, while also paving the way for new and exciting developments.

“His dedication to nurturing talent and expanding access to artistic opportunities will be instrumental in creating a more and inclusive vibrant arts scene.’’

Furthermore Leew said he hoped that the performing arts sector would benefit immensely from McKenzie's innovative ideas and proactive policies.

"His passion for the arts, coupled with his pragmatic approach to problem-solving, promises to create a fertile ground for artistic excellence and cultural expression.

“The SAMIC is excited about the potential for collaborative projects and initiatives that will emerge under his guidance.

“His leadership style, characterised by enthusiasm and a fast forward thinking mind set is exactly what is needed to navigate the complexities of the modern arts landscape.

Leew also noted that they are confident that his influence will lead a renaissance in the performing arts, with far reaching benefits for artists and audiences alike.

“We are eager to work together to harness the power of arts to inspire, educate and unite,” said Leew.