THE REASON most people are not drawn to gospel music is simply because it can come across as preachy. The main reason some people are repulsed by dogmatic clergymen is because their sermons leave them feeling as if they have been judged by a mere mortal.

Many church folk love pointing the finger at those whom they regard as sinners and this in turn drives many people away from Christianity.

On the other hand, the best approach to getting the Christian message heard is to be part of that message. This is what you will find on Nosipho’s sophomore album, uJehova Angeke Avume.

“I took a long break after my debut album in 2008 because I was going through a whole lot of stuff in my life,” said Nosipho (pictured).

Initially hesitant to elaborate on the matter, Nosipho then told Tonight about one of her major downfalls and how it had influenced her album.

“I went through a rough divorce and it took a lot out of me. What I found strange at the time was how some people around me found this entire saga amusing. Then it hit me that when God is working on you, very few people empathise with you. In the making of this album I remembered just how strong I had to remain in my faith while everything was falling apart,” she said.

Teaming up with several songwriters, Nosipho was surrounded by people who had seen her go through the troubled times to find the inspiration for the material that would eventually feature on the album.

“The title track was written by a brilliant writer called Qhamisa Mpayipheli. I had not given her any theme to pursue so when she came up with uJehova Angeke Avume, I had to ask her what inspired her and she said that God will never leave us, no matter how bad a situation is.

“She saw this through my trying times and believed I am living testimony of that. The challenges that I went through were supposed to crush me, but they only made me stronger,” she said.

Being spiritual, Nosipho did not take for granted what the other songs on her album would sound like. Still exercising her faith, she prayed for guidance as to what it was that was required of her for the second album.

“I did a serious prayer for three days before I got the direction I needed on how to approach this project,” she said.

And from the fans’ response, it is obvious that Nosipho’s story is relatable to many and her delivery was far from preachy. She has made herself the subject who conquered what was once a dark period of her life.

“I have received an over-whelming response from fans all over the country. The other day I had a woman call me and she was crying on the phone, saying that the message in one of the songs had really touched her. It was a humbling experience,” she said.

• uJehova Angeke Avume is available in all music stores nationwide.