NIGHT CREW: House DJ duo Pascal and Pearce play at Dusk Till Dawn.
NIGHT CREW: House DJ duo Pascal and Pearce play at Dusk Till Dawn.
DJ Ryan
DJ Ryan

You arrive at a party when the sun is just setting, you get a few drinks, dance your heart out with your friends and the next thing you know, the sun is rising. Yes, we’ve all been there, done that. And somehow those nights go down as epic moments.

So for all those partygoers who still can’t get enough of that feeling or are still to experience it, here’s your chance, at the Dusk Till Dawn dance party on Saturday at Kings Park Stadium.

The killer line-up features international EDM superstars Project 46 (Canada), Pascal and Pearce, Roger Goode, DJ Kent, Dino Bravo, Ricardo Da Costa, DJ Ryan, DJ Warren and more; it would be difficult to say no.

During our one-on-one, Ryan the DJ explains his style of DJing as open format, which is basically a multigenre DJ from hip hop to R&B and house music – stuff that gets the crowd going: “I’m more of a scratch DJ, which involves scratching and tricks while I’m mixing. “So I think a lot about the tricks I’m going to perform in my mixes and adding my unique flavour in that sense.”

Now performing at music festivals around South Africa, Ryan says he has always had a passion for music from as early as he can remember: “What gave me the push is that I come from a very musical family. Both my mom and dad were in bands. I love music and I thought about taking it to the next level and I’ve always played at gigs.

“So that’s what really encouraged it. But for me, it began in clubs in 2003. I started playing at gigs once I got into watching videos of DJs and listening to the radio. Also, my older brother was a DJ. And for his 16th birthday he got a DJ set, so I would fool around with it and it all led from there.”

Steering the conversation to Dusk Till Dawn, Ryan says he’s amped about it. He and DJ Warren G will be playing back to back at the event: “I’ve been a part of it from the beginning. And this is the seventh instalment.

“This one is going to be bigger and better than anything before. I’m really looking forward to it and there’s going to be international acts as well.

“But it’s a great line-up. Apart from international DJs, it’s nice to see our South African and local DJs up there as well. It’s basically about supporting our local DJs.

“And as for Roger Goode and Kent, they have probably been at about 80 percent of the Dusk Till Dawn parties.”

• Dusk Till Dawn is at Kings Park on Saturday, 6pm-6am. Tickets R250-R400 at Computicket.