DJ EUphonik released his latest album Total Blackout this week.

South Africa’s most loved house DJ, Euphonik, says he has stepped out of his comfort zone in his latest album.

Euphonik, whose real name is Themba Nkosi, launched his much anticipated house album For the Love of House: Total Blackout this week.

The Mpumalanga born DJ, radio host, producer and entrepreneur, said house music fans could expect 26 tracks of summer fun in his latest album.

“I put a lot of time into this album and I’m really happy with the outcome and the growth as far as the sound is concerned,” said Euphonik.

“I had a lot of fun putting it together and I trust people will have the same amount of fun and memories listening to it.”

Euphonik said he decided on the name Total Blackout for his latest album as he was going through a tough year.

“I’ve had a really c**p year, but parts of it were really epic and amazing things were happening,” he said.

“I’m always portraying my life through music and my work and as the saying goes, ‘Before the break of dawn there is always complete darkness’ hence the title Total Blackout.”

Asked what his favourite song on the new album, Euphonik said it was very difficult to choose a favourite.

“Over the years, 13 projects later and with four solo projects under my belt I’ve learned to not put a single song or track on an album that I think is mediocre.”

“I know it seems unreal but honestly all the tracks on there are my favourite because they all mean different things to me,” he said.

He also has collaborated with a number of artists, on his new album.

“I worked with people who are beyond collaborations for me – Shota, who I worked with last year on Seng’Khathele, Phumeza, Lolo, Clint Brink and Chris Sen.”

“We’ve worked together before and I have a lot of respect for them as friends. The only new collaborator on the album is Chomee – we did a house version of a popular kwaito track called Fester by Jacknife. We killed it in my opinion…”

He believes that his latest album is a step up from his previous albums.

“I took more risks, I stepped out of my comfort zone and I’m slowly introducing local EDM (Electronic Dance Music) to South Africans.”

Euphonik did his first gig when he was 14, when a friend asked him to DJ at a party.

“It was a foreign concept to me then and all I did was play music, one track after the other, but watching people reacting to music I loved so much hooked me on the feeling!”

He was even personally asked by gold medallist Cameron van der Bergh to make a mixed tape for him before the London Olympics.

“Although I didn’t DJ for Cameron van der Burgh, I gave him some music to check out and he was listening to it moments before winning his gold medal at the Olympics in London in August.

“The fact that music can get someone that pumped up is something I’m still having difficulty believing.”

Aside from Euphoniks latest new album, he also has new sneakers out with Superga available in stores. He also has a T-shirt range which he says is doing very well.

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