US singer Taylor Swift performs at the 2013 BRIT Awards. Photo: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend merry-go-round may provide her with ample fodder for her award-winning albums, but it also gives her peers the chance to poke fun at her.

Step forward former Take That bad boy Robbie Williams, who joked about wanting a Swift romance at the recent Brit Awards this week. Since Swift has been with, among others, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and Brit pop sensation Harry Styles, Williams feels he has a shot with the country pop singer.

“It will be my go soon,” quipped ‘Williams, who added that Swift was ”really fit”.

What his wife, actress Ayda Field, felt about Williams’ joke is anyone’s guess, but he wasn’t the only celebrity having a dig at Swift, or Styles for that matter.

Comedian James Corden, who hosted the ceremony, made a joking reference to Styles and his highly public love life and his penchant for dating older women.

“Sharon Osbourne is here, Annie Lennox is here. Who have you got your eye on?” Corden asked.

Styles, seated along with his bandmates at a dinner table in a room packed with hundreds of other stars and industry bigwigs, smiled sheepishly and hid his face behind an awards programme.

There was nowhere for him to hide, however, when Swift donned a white, floating gown for her rendition of ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’.

Harry and his One Direction bandmates received one of the loudest screams of the night as they took to the stage to sing charity single ‘One Way Or Another’, which has reached No 1 in 60 countries, underlining their status as global stars.

In recognition of that international reach, they were honoured with the BRITs global success award. – IOL and Reuters