Jonathan McReynolds performs at the 47th Annual GMA Dove Awards at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tenn. Picture: Wade Payne/Invision/AP, File
Jonathan McReynolds performs at the 47th Annual GMA Dove Awards at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tenn. Picture: Wade Payne/Invision/AP, File

American gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds talks BET's Sunday Best and new album

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Jul 26, 2020

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Award-winning American gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds returns to BET’s Sunday Best as a judge for the shows latest season and he just released his latest album, “PEOPLE”.

We caught up with him from his home in Chicago.

What made you return to Sunday Best?

It’s a no brainer for me, its a really fun and cool opportunity that is not afforded to a lot of people, only the greats have been on this show so it is an honour to be counted among those people.

My life also came full circle with me auditioning for this show in season 1 and not making it but by season 9 I became a judge.

How would you describe your judging style?

I think I am always thinking about the music first. It’s not just a competition it’s really a celebration of gospel music so while Kelly and Erica are crying and running around in circles I try to be the calm one.

What do you enjoy the most about being a judge on Sunday Best?

For me it’s all about finding a teammate, you know at the end of the show you are going to have a winner who is almost immediately going to be given the opportunity to be a star, someone who influences and carries a message so for me its cool to be apart of that.

How has the Covid-19 affected the production of this season?

It has been tough. When we got done tapping the third episode immediately things were shut down so when you get to episode four you see the show being done from everyone’s homes and you actually get a more intimate take on what contestants are doing in their lives because the cameras are set up in their homes.

What can South African viewers expect from season 10?

It is crazy that we continue to find more and more people to be on the show after 10 seasons.

I think viewers can expect more great singing that the show is known for.

Of course, it will be different because people have to adapt to the times we are living in but these contestants will shock you.

When did you start working on “PEOPLE” and what inspired this album?

I started working on it in 2019 which was an incredible year for me professionally, I won a lot of awards and was on tour but personally, it was one of my most challenging years for a lot of different reasons.

The album comes out of a very emotional and dramatic season so I am very excited for it because even though I wrote stuff in 2019 about living and trying to figure my way through people and being thankful to God I did not know that in 2020 it would be so timely and that’s God.

How would you describe the lyrical content?

It is reflective, it is more me than even the last album.

This album comes off as a journal or diary so you get to see my life. It is also a journal for others which is really dope.

How does this album compare to your previous offerings?

It is the most thoughtfully produced album and possibly the most thoughtfully lyrical album.

I feel like I am better with everything related to my music and I think that as you get older you get better at your skill but I really think that will this one it just gets better.

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