Italian blind opera singer Andrea Bocelli (L) sings during his concert at Papp Laszlo Sports Arena in Budapest, Hungary, on Nov. 25, 2017. Picture: Xinhua/Attila Volgyi

Andrea Bocelli is set to release his first album containing original material, 'Sì ', on October 26.

The Italian singer - who was the Classic BRIT Icon Award this week - wanted to start a new chapter and channel his youth on his forthcoming record, 'Sì ', which is to be released on Decca/Sugar Records on October 26.

He said: "I wanted to go back to my memories of being a young man, playing at a piano bar. 

"Obviously since then, I've produced lots of albums, sung lots of covers, performed many other things. 

"But at a certain point I said to myself: 'Maybe the time has come to put my effort into finding new songs.' Like starting all over again, as it were, in my career."

The intimate collection of tracks that celebrate love, faith and family, were recorded at his home in Italy and were produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Lou Reed).

The lead track 'If Only' has been recorded in three languages, English, Spanish and Italian, and was co-written by Francesco Sartori and the late Lucio Quarantotto - who helped pen one of Bocelli's biggest hits, 'Con Te Commenting, over two decades ago.

Explaining the meaning of the album title, which translates to Yes, Bocelli said: "In this historical period we are going through right now, we too often say no. 

"But yes is the word you say when you have your first kiss, when you agree with somebody, when want to make someone feel good. 

"Sì is the word you say every time things will end well. 

"For a thousand and one reasons, sì is the expression of a positive, powerful, human word and feeling and emotion."

Last night, Bocelli joined Ed Sheeran on stage at London's Wembley Stadium to perform their duet 'Perfect'.