Jay Z and Beyonce. Picture: Twitter

The highly anticipated On The Run II Tour kicked off on Wednesday night when Beyoncé and Jay Z took the stage in Cardiff, Wales  — and the BeyHive has mixed feelings about it. 

As a member of the Hive myself, I was looking forward to the new Beyoncé era following her return to the stage at Coachella after the birth of the twins, Sir and Rumi Carter.


And Beyonce delivered in abundance at Beychella. Giving us an HBCU themed show, with new arrangements, a Destiny's Child reunion, epic dance breakdowns and minimal Jay Z. 

Fast forward to the On The Run II announcement and the Hive as a collective was making sure their wigs were secured and their edges were ready because Bey was coming. 

Most of this stemmed from the rumours that the much talked about joint visual album would possibly drop before the tour started. Giving us new songs to learn, new choreography to master and have Bey show the pop girls how it's done. 

However, as the weeks started to wind down it became more apparent that you can never predict what Bey is going to do. So the On The Run Tour II kicks off on Wednesday and it feels like the Mrs Carter tour all over again. Where Bey went on tour with no new album and had the Hive singing and dance to her old discovery. 

And while my standom for Queen Bey is still firmly in place, I very confused as to why we got the On The Beychella Formation Tour. 

The reason for this sentiment is that we've become so used to Bey shaking the table and changing the game, that to have her rehash of the previous tours leaves me with conflicting emotions. 

The rest of the Hive seem to share my sentiments with me and Twitter was flooded with the Hive commenting on the tour. 

And while it was great to see the twins and more Blue Ivy moments it's literally a rehash from the previous On The Run tour. 

Hopefully, like the Mrs Carter Tour, Bey also drops something midway through the tour, but we will still support our Queen no matter what she does.