Joe Budden. Picture: Twitter

By now you may know that Eminem attempted to “change the world with that digital drop” and release his newest album "Kamikaze" out of the blue. But "Kamikaze" is no "Lemonade" and if it wasn’t for the blogs, most people would not know what the rapper was even talking about on the album.

One of the nuggets that have surfaced is that he addresses mumble rappers, other people he doesn’t like and he really goes for the jugular when it comes to Joe Budden. Most people know Joe as the guy who was the best thing about Everyday Struggle - and then he left.

Few of us remember he started out as a rapper. He was even a part of the supergroup, Slaughterhouse, which was signed to Eminem’s record company. But that never stopped Joe from being vocal about Eminem being washed and using his privilege to be an opportunist. So, obviously, on "Kamikaze," Em had some words for Joe.

Some people thought this might prompt Joe to put his Spotify podcast deal as well as his Revolt web series on hold to come out of retirement and go back to rapping. Just to clap back at Eminem. But nope. Joe hopped onto the Joe Budden podcast to declare: “I've been better than you this entire f***ing decade!”

He also said: "You gotta say something. You have not said anything for the better part of a whole f***ing decade.” Where are the lies? So maybe Joe isn’t giving up his newfound celebrity to go back to being just a rapper. So is it time for Eminem to follow in Joe’s footsteps and retire from rap?