Monica Brown. Picture: Instagram

Back in the 90s and even throughout the early naughties, Monica was a certified hitmaker. The R&B sensation could hold her own whether she was singing with a contemporary, a veteran or even someone new. We know she can sing.

So what’s the problem? Well, we haven’t heard new music from her since 2015. Her eighth album, Code Red, spawned great interludes that should have been songs. Like a short ditty called All Men Lie. She even had Lil Wayne and Missy Elliot as features.

But then she went quiet.

Instead, she’s been killing it on Instagram. Every day she has a new outfit and a sometimes a new hairdo on the social media app. She flawlessly mixes couture with street style. In short: she slays. But where is the music?

If being a fashion killa on the ‘gram was like releasing a hit single, Monica would, in the last three years, have at least three new albums under her belt. But she’s mum on the music front. Is it time for us to stop asking her? Or should we hold our breaths for a late 2018 single?