Charmaine. Picture: Supplied
Charmaine. Picture: Supplied

Charmaine drops 'Woo' rap single and video

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Apr 4, 2021

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Zimbabwean born-Canadian rapper, Charmaine, who recently released her new rap single and video “Woo”, is still finding it hard to digest her new found fame.

The singer turned rapper is signed to Warner Music Canada, where she lives and has released two rap songs, “Bold” and “Woo” that have grabbed the attention of music lovers around the world with over 1 million Spotify streams.

“I didn’t see it coming.

“I still haven’t fully absorbed what’s happening.

“It’s a dream literally come true.

“I am just grateful and so happy that the world is receiving me so well,” said Charmaine.

While the up and coming star always knew she wanted a career in music, it was not an easy decision to make because her confidence didn’t allow it.

"I had to go through some stuff in life, it took me a while to just be confident enough to do this.

“I had a hard time believing in myself at one point and I didnt think I was capable.

“Once I got over that hurdle then came the second part of figuring out what kind of music I’m going to make.

“Once everything came together it was magic,“ said the artist.

Now that she has made the transition from singing to rapping, she finds inspiration from “Work It” hitmaker, Missy Elliot.

“She’s super creative and her visuals are crazy.

“The way that she plays around with her voice is so different and she is not afraid to step outside of the box so hands down, she is my number one inspiration,” she said.

Charmaine said the lyrics she intends spitting are to make women feel empowered.

“I just want to make lyrics that make women feel amazing.

“They need to feel super sexy, super gangster, super bossy, motivated and powerful.

“It’s for everybody but I’m big on women empowerment so everything I do is linked towards making sure that my music makes other women feel really good,” she said.

About her first rap song, “Bold” which the star holds near and dear to her heart, she said it’s to makes women feel really swaggy and boasty.

And the second record “Woo”, is to create a party vibe even though we are living in a pandemic.

“The intention behind it was to feel like I was partying with my friends – which we can’t really do now because we are in a pandemic.

“As well as make other girls want to call their girls and get ’turnt’ even if they in the house, just something to have fun too,” said the rapper.

About making music that represents her Zimbabwean roots, Charmaine said she definitely sees that happening.

“I left Zimbabwe when I was 5.

“I definitely see myself making music based on my traditions and culture, it is a very important part of me – those are my roots so I can see that happening at some point,” she said.

Her advice to young girls of colour: “Believe in yourself, I know it’s really cliché to say that but it really comes down to you believing in yourself first.

“Once you believe in yourself then the world will believe in you.

“Never feel like you have to do certain things in order to be successful, and just be happy and confident in whatever you chose to do.”

When the rapper isn’t busy in studio or writing lyrics she is a homebody who loves watching Netflix and eating seafood.

“I stay at home most of the time.

“I love watching Netflix and I think I am boarder-line addicted to seafood, but I am very proud of that,” she laughed.

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