Actress Cher poses for photographers upon arrival at the World premiere of the film 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again', in London Monday, July 16, 2018. Picture: AP
Cher has unveiled a draft of the tracklist for her album of ABBA covers on Twitter.

The 72-year-old singer portrays Amanda Seyfried's character Sophie's grandmother Ruby in the movie 'Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again', in which she put her own spin on the Swedish pop legends' classics such as 'Fernando' and 'Super Trouper'.

And on Wednesday, the 'Believe' singer shared nine out of the 10 songs she is recording for the special record, including 'Waterloo', 'Dancing Queen', 'Mamma Mia', 'The Winner Takes It All' and 'SOS', but left fans guessing about the final track.

She tweeted:  SONGS 

Cher also said that she was heading into the studio to work on the record, which is yet to receive a release date, adding: "On way into studio.LATER [sic]"

The 'Believe' hitmaker - who made a cameo in the music video for ABBA's 'The Last Video' in 2004 - previously opened up about being nervous to tackle the group's songs for her role in the 'Mamma Mia' sequel'.

She shared: "I was a little bit intimidated because to do one of their songs and to do it differently; I have my voice and it's different than the girls. 

"I was wondering if [ABBA songwriter Benny Andersson] was going to like it. I actually didn't expect it to sound so different. It wasn't what I was going after, but I can't hide my voice."

Cher revealed: "After I did 'Fernando' [in the film], I thought it would be fun to do an album of ABBA songs, so I did! It's not what you think of when you think ABBA, because I did it in a different way."

Earlier this month, the 'I Got You Babe' singer claimed her next collection of songs - her first since 2013's 'Closer to the Truth' - could be available in September.

Taking to Twitter, she posted fingers crossed and praying hands emojis, and then simply wrote: "Think album will be out in sept. (sic)"