DaniLeigh. Picture: Twitter

It’s been a crazy week for singer, dancer and actress, Teyana Taylor. TT was on the Later That Night tour with singer-songwriter, Jeremih. But this week, she revealed that all was not as good as it seemed.

You see, Jeremih is alleged to have been throwing his weight around and calling Teyana an opening act. This is despite reports of people not even knowing the Birthday Sex singer was a part of the tour in the first place and leaving soon after Teyana gets off stage.

A new singer, DaniLeigh, who you’ll remember more from her flawless #InMyFeelings challenge, was also on the tour. But according to Teyana, Jeremih was mistreating her and on some tour dates, she wasn’t even given a room to sleep or shower in.

Following an exchange of very harsh words which included Teyana’s baller husband, Iman Shumpert, telling Jeremih to send all threats his way, Teyana quit that tour. She has promptly started the Keep The Same Energy tour - named after her polarising new album.

Teyana has also vowed to take DaniLeigh on the KTSE tour with her and Jeremih… well, we’ll see if people still show up to his tour now that Teyana has exited stage left.