Estelle. Picture: Twitter

It’s easy for some people to forget that Estelle is from the UK. Almost as easy as it is for some people to forget that she really, really can rap. 

The British musician got her big break as a rapper but once she signed to John Legend and moved to America, she began exploring other sides of her artistry.

Today, she is considered a singer too - one who appears on Lee Daniels’ "Empire" to actually sing. So she is considered successful enough to be quizzed about other UK acts while she is promoting her new album, "Lover’s Rock." 

Estell was interviewed on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning where they spent a big part of the interview talking about Ed Sheeran’s appropriation.

They also asked Estelle for her thoughts on Sam Smith allegedly saying he doesn’t like Michael Jackson. 

“I don’t know him like that but like, bruv, what are you doing?” she asked. 

Then she said: “It’s pretty disrespectful. I just feel like you know better. It’s cool to be hype and in your moment and in your feelings and that’s your prerogative. But you definitely got to be a little more careful about who, how and when…”

Does this mean Estelle has beef with Sam Smith? Probably not. But you be the judge: