Mac Miller. Picture: Bang Showbiz
Mac Miller. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Filmmaker faces backlash over Mac Miller documentary

By Carmelita Fredericks Time of article published Jun 7, 2019

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When filmmaker CJ Wallis announced that Margrette Bird Pictures, a film company he found with Mallory Kennedy, is working on a documentary about the late rapper Mac Miller, he could not have imagined that he would be branded as an opportunist.

"So, over the next year I'm going to start collecting interviews and content to make the definitive @MacMiller documentary for his family, friends and fans," he tweeted on Monday.

Wallis then encouraged everyone to share the post and tag anyone who would be good to interview for the documentary.

His tweet opened a can of worms with many on the late rapper's fans slamming Wallis for trying to make money off Mac Miller's death. One fan wrote: "This is so disrespectful. Mac’s family and friends did not approve. F*** this. F*** XXL, F*** Complex, & most of all f*** @fortyfps. Don’t support this s***. Y’all rushing everything with this man but this energy was never here before. Let s*** like this be done right". Wallis responded to the expletive-filled criticism with:"with all due respect, i posted my intentions to make a project while reaching out to those closest for their blessing, which could not be granted at this time....(sic)"

However, just days after his big announcement, which Wallis said was meant to pay homage to Mac Miller, the documentary has now been put on hold.

Speaking to Variety, Wallis explained how the announcement came about: "I posted my intentions of casually gathering interviews as well as asking for help in finding all the correct people to speak with, knowing Twitter would do two weeks’ worth of initial research in 30 minutes of interactions," explained Wallis. "I emailed his former manager Christian Clancy to request his blessing and messaged Thundercat asking if he’d be interested in being involved. He said, 'Can’t do it without the family’s approval' … to which I said, 'Of course, who can I speak with?,' and waited for the reply."

Wallis then got an email from Clancy, who requested that the director hold off on the project at this time. "He was letting me know that the estate wasn’t going to be able to approve anything at this time, reports 

Wallis, however, still hopes to make his Mac Miller documentary when, or if, the estate and fans are ready.

Born Malcolm James McCormick, Miller was found dead in his home in Studio City last September and authorities attributed his death to an overdose. He received a posthumous Grammy nomination for "Swimming" as Best Rap Album in 2019. 

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