Finally, Robbie Williams shares what his most famous song is really about

Robbie Williams. Picture: DAVID MOIR/ EPA

Robbie Williams. Picture: DAVID MOIR/ EPA

Published Jun 9, 2023


Robbie Williams believes in angels and his biggest hit of the same name is actually about Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel.

The former Take That star released his most famous hit “Angels” in 1997, and he has now spilled that it is inspired by his own belief in the Christian concept of celestial beings.

And Williams, 49, is certain that it isn't a coincidence that his best-ever song is about an “angelic force” and he thinks his anthem most likely came via divine inspiration from God.

Appearing on the 'Weaponized' YouTube page, he said: “People think it’s about my mum, or that it’s about somebody or something. Its actually about angels, it’s actually about St. Michael, it’s actually about Gabriel.

“Do I have a belief in angels? I love the idea of angels. It's not lost on me that the most powerful song that I’ve ever had is about an angelic force, maybe there’s something in that.”

Now in the fourth decade of his career, Williams – who has seen UFOs and other paranormal beings – has accepted that he will never write another song that will have the same impact as “Angels”.

But the pop superstar is fine with that because he believes that the song “Angels” comes from, and now exists, in some “ethereal place” outside of him.

He said: “At the time when I wrote ‘Angels’ there was a huge gap between it being a hit and me being able to facilitate how it becomes a hit.

"What happened was I left the band, I was cool for three seconds for splitting up a boy band, then I disappeared into lager and cocaine and was turning up to the opening of an envelope and I became the butt of jokes and my future didn’t look bright. While my future was not looking bright, I was writing songs.

“I knew I had something incredibly special with this song 'Angels' … The power of the song happened. Yes, I knew that it was something incredibly special. I’ve probably written 700, 800 songs since then and I’ve never felt that way since.

“Angels exists outside of me, it now doesn’t belong to me, it belongs somewhere, an ethereal place that has done something bigger than I could ever have imagined.”