Iddy Azalea. Picture: Bang Showbiz
Iddy Azalea. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Iggy Azalea is thrilled to have album packaging finished

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jun 24, 2019

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Iggy Azalea says seeing her new album 'In My Defence' all packaged up is a dream come true, and hinted it matches her vision "perfectly".

The 28-year-old singer is getting ready to release her upcoming record 'In My Defense' - her first full length LP since 2014 debut 'The New Classic' - and she is excited about unveiled the artwork on Friday when the pre-orders go live.

She tweeted: "I just saw my album packaging all finished in all physical formats and I feel tingly.

"Ahhhhh... satisfaction. Nothing better than an idea coming to life perfectly how you dreamt it up. (sic)"

Iggy also revealed she would be debuting new songs when she plays Pride in the Park in Chicago at the weekend, including one track which will be available to everyone pre-ordering the upcoming album.

She wrote: "2 unreleased songs in Chicago and 1 that will have been out 24hrs.... you w***es better lip sync & act like you know!"

The update comes after Iggy revealed in April she had to re-record some vocals for the LP after her hard drive crashed.

Although she didn't lose any entire songs she wasn't able to retrieve certain files from her drive when it broke beyond repair, meaning some changes had to be made.

She said at the time: "My hard drive crashed last week. it was unrecoverable. I used a dif engineer for a few sessions and only saved that work to my drive so not everything was double backed up. I didn't lose full songs. I'm hope to be done officially on Friday. (sic)" 

A fan replied to the tweet, writing: "That sucks really, i hope u didnt lost album songs (sic)"

The star responded: "I didn't lose any songs, I just don't have updated vocals to some things and so have had to re record vocals etc. It's small but time consuming. (sic)"

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