Musician Drake visits kids at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago

Think about it. Although his streaming numbers were phenomenal, Drake wasn’t selling many physical copies of his double disc, "Scorpion". Then he suffered one of the biggest blows of his career: Pusha T “ethered” him with one diss track "Adidon".

This of course, alleged that Drake was hiding his son and possibly a deadbeat dad. It also revealed that the mother of his child was reportedly a porn star. And when Drake attempted to come out with his own diss track, it tanked. Which was the polar opposite of what happened when he had beef with Meek Mill.

But a viral dance challenge changed all that. After the "In Your Feelings" challenge and cute music video - we all know Ciara and Russell Wilson doing the challenge in Cape Town should’ve been the official music video - he started to come back into the public consciousness as a good guy.

Now, Drake is taking that to the extreme. What’s with him encouraging Kanye to come see his show, even after there is speculation that the Kiki in "In Your Feelings" is Kim Kardashian? What’s with him bringing Meek Mill onto his tour stage and hugging him after having beef with him? Is it because Drake now has beef with Nicki Minaj?

Think about it. The Head Barb has not had pleasant things to say about Drizzy and his streaming deals and suddenly Meek and Drake are buddies? Is Drake genuinely trying to be a nice guy or is there something else at play here?