R Kelly. Picture: Twitter

R Kelly has responded to a series of sexual assault and abuse allegations in a new 19-minute track called "I Admit."

In the lengthy track, the 51-year-old sings about a "damn big conspiracy," an apparent reference to several women's accusations that he allegedly raped and emotionally abused, to operate a so-called sex cult.

"I admit, I'm not perfect. I never said I'm perfect. To say, I abuse these women. Damn, that's absurd sh**," sings R Kelly. "Brainwashed, really? You kidnapped, really? You can not eat, really? Frankly, that sounds ridiculous," sings the 'I believe I Can Fly' hitmaker.

The allegations against the singer were made public in July 2017 in a Buzzfeed report that stated the musician had total control over several women - ordering them on how to dress, when to bathe, when to sleep, and how to engage in sexual encounters that he recorded.

"What is the definition of a cult? What is the definition of a sex slave? Look it up in the dictionary. Let me know, I'll wait here," Kelly sings on his new track.

Kelly has also been accused of having sexual relations with minors.

"I admit I fu** with all the ladies, that's both older and young ladies (ladies, yeah). Both older and younger ladies. But calling it paedophile. That's crazy," continues Kelly.

Warning: Contents of the song contain strong language.

Kelly sings that he was "not convicted, not arrested, but his name was "dragged through the mud."

Initial reaction from fellow rappers was mixed. "Uh #IAdmit I want my 19 mins back," rapper Questlove tweeted.

Rapper Talib Kweli tweeted: "that song he dropped today sucks. For many reasons. Sorry not sorry."

Here are more Twitter reactions to 'Admit':