Lukas Graham. Picture: supplied

After putting out "Love Someone," Lukas Graham is getting ready to release his second album, "3 (The Purple Album)". Ahead of its upcoming release on 26 October, Lukas dropped the album’s second single along with its music video.

Throughout "Not A Damn Thing Changed," he sings about his life and the experiences that turned him into the man he is today. He also claims that he’s still the same old G - that not a damn thing has changed about him.

He said: “I still live two blocks away from where I grew up, I still hang out with the same guys. The song is a tribute to one of the guys I grew up with who hung himself in January. He was three months older than me and we walked through life together.”

So Lukas brought his remaining childhood friends in to star in the "Not A Damn Thing Changed" music video and it was shot in his hometown.