Mumford and Sons. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Mumford and Sons will release their new album 'Delta' - their first since 2015 - on November 16.

The British band - comprised of Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane - have confirmed that they will be putting the final touches on their next studio LP 'Delta' - their first since 2015's 'Wilder Mind' - this weekend. 

Speaking to DJ Annie Mac, frontman Marcus has revealed that the album marks 10 years since the band's formation and "draws on the shared experience of being on and off the road. It's a moving collection of songs perhaps more intimate and expansive, both lyrically and musically, than ever before."

The group have also incorporated instruments they forgot to use on 'Wilder Mind' so they are all confident that 'Delta' will take listeners down a different path. 

Winston, 30, explained: "I think at the beginning [of recording the album] we kind of fell back in love with the old instruments we didn't play on 'Wilder Mind' like the acoustic stuff and the more folky instruments but [we were] conscious [about] how we can make these instruments sound not like these instruments which opened up a whole new world for us..."

Marcus, 31, added: "It's felt like there have been no boundaries creatively."

Their new single 'Guiding Light' - taken from the album - premiered on Radio 1 on Thursday (20.09.18) and they're so proud of it because it's taken a lot of work.

Marcus said: "It was a bit of a beast to try and get on record. It was hard work. We kind of tried it in loads of different ways...this one took a while. 

"We wrote it like a year ago, but it's taken a while to just get it to that point and now we're happy with it."