Nicki Minaj and T.I. Picture: AP

T.I. put his foot in his mouth again after saying that there isn't space for Nicki Minaj on the top 50 greatest rappers list he made with his expediTIously podcast.

In a clip from the podcast, T.I. and his co-hosts for the episode discuss their list for the top 50 greatest rappers the "Chun Li" rapper comes up and he says that " it's between Lil Kim and Nicki, I don't think we can have both". 

The reason, according to him, being that they are a reflection of each other. Following this they had a vote in the room and Lil Kim won unanimously. 

Nicki's Barbz, however, weren't happy with how their queen was discussed on the show and quickly started dragging T.I. and his podcast for their decision. 

When the official list was finally revealed on the "No Mediocre" rapper's Instagram page both Nicki and Kim did make the list with the "Super Bass" rapper at number 41 and the "Lady Marmalade" rapper at 40.