DJ Cuppy. Picture: Instagram
DJ Cuppy. Picture: Instagram

Nigeria's DJ Cuppy talks about her new show on Apple Music

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Jun 27, 2020

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Nigerian DJ and curator, recently launched a new show on Apple Music, "Africa Now Radio". 

We caught up with the star in London

First off, how are you doing and how have you been surviving lockdown in London?

I’ve been in London through the lockdown with my family and honestly speaking, it’s been a very challenging time. 

We have never experienced a pandemic of this magnitude that required a total lockdown. I mean nobody, no matter who you are can say that you saw this coming. It’s not been easy adjusting to the present reality especially because I am an extrovert. I really do thrive on social interactions as a creative. 

My job as a DJ has me travelling a lot and interacting physically exchanging energies. 

So having to stay home for such a long period of time has been really hard and it took a lot of getting used to. 

I’ve had to find ways to stay productive despite the numerous restrictions; I’ve had multiple Instagram live DJ sessions and been a part of various initiatives to help ease the negative effects of the pandemic on the vulnerable members of the society. 

I’ve also been able to complete my debut album and finally looking forward to sharing the masterpiece I have created with the world. The highlight of the lockdown for me, of course, has been the launch of my brand new radio show on Apple Music, "Africa Now Radio with Cuppy".

How did your involvement come about Africa Now Radio? 

Everyone knows that the African culture has always been deeply integrated in my Cuppy brand. 

Born in Lagos, but having lived around the world, I’ve been an advocate of sharing our continent’s creativity with the world. 

Africa Now Radio was a vision Apple has always had, and we did the demo about a year ago and the team spent a lot of time developing and shaping the show FOR the continent BY the continent. Then I got THE call this summer, and here I am! 

What made you want to be a part of this? 

The fact that it is a show dedicated to promoting and celebrating African talent makes it a key force to me. I’ve always been vocal about my love for my African roots. I am so proud to be African. 

I’m always happy to be part of a course that showcases the beauty my continent houses in an authentic way. In April, 2014, I was appointed Nigeria’s Tourism Ambassador and now I consider myself an Ambassador to champion African music on a global scale. 

I feel like the African sound which is so unique and pure is still under rated. I’m glad that afrobeats has begun to make global waves but there is still so much more to be done. 

This is my dream job and I’m so proud to be the first ever African host of a radio show on Apple music. This show is made for Africans by Africans!

How significant is a show like this? 

Africa is at a point where showcasing its cultural riches to a global audience is key. The aim of the show is to tell the African story, for us and by us. 

I am even more grateful that it is airing at a time like this when we need to promote diversity around the world. 

I strongly believe that music provides a solid channel for strengthening the core of tolerance, reducing discrimination and spreading love. 

My ultimate reach for ‘Africa Now’ is to foster unity and hopefully flatten the curve of racial discrimination and profiling around the world.

What are your thoughts on African music at the moment?

African music has a lot of potential yet to be tapped on all levels, and I’m so glad that the world is finally beginning to appreciate this. 

What a time to be alive! There has been a revolution. It’s phenomenal how Afrobeats is taking over the world. 

Our sound is going from strength to strength it’s so beautiful to watch and even better to be part of it! 

Afrobeat artists are taking things to the next level on a global scale; we literally have a spotlight on us right now and all our stars are shining bright, it’s been a long time coming and I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

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