Nile Rodgers and Lady Gaga. Picture: Bang Showbiz


He told The Sun newspaper: "I sent her a R1.5 million guitar with 3,000 gold Swarovski crystals and gold leaf. It's unbelievable. We have twin guitars - hers is gold and mine is silver."

Nile has previously praised Gaga for being "groovy as sin".

He also said: "Her talent is brilliant and she's got the biggest heart in the world. She cares about people."

Meanwhile, the 'Le Freak' hitmaker recently credited the late Michael Jackson for resurrecting his career after inviting him to work on his 1995 record 'HiStory'.

Rodgers - who played on the song 'Money' - told BANG Showbiz: "24 years ago when I'd stopped playing music for around eight months, I got a call from Michael Jackson to come down to the studio and work with him on his album 'HiStory'. He was a good friend at the time and it thanks to him that I got back into the music industry."

Nile Rodgers & Chic's long-awaited new album 'It's About Time' will be released later this year and he admitted it had been partly delayed due to the deaths of Rodgers' famous musician pals, Prince, Bowie, George Michael and Chris Cornell because he needed to respond to real events with his art.

The musician - who was diagnosed with prostate cancer six years ago but was given the all-clear in 2014 - explained: "I've been recording this project for a very long time. It's not because we didn't have the material. 

"I look at albums like films. To me an album is the world that I see at that moment in time, so every song that I've ever written is all based on reality."